About the process

We use GitHub issues, project boards, and milestones to track our work. We use four categories of issues:

All four of them are represented as GitHub issues. The first three are encoded by applying a label called Theme, Epic, or User Story. The last one is simply any issue that doesn't have of these special labels applied.

The general structure is that a Theme will have one or more Epic issues, which in turn has one or more User Story issues under them. Since GitHub has no formal way of declaring children, the nesting is expressed by referencing the issue inside a task list. The task list item is meant to be marked when the referenced issue is completed.

How does the web site find issues?

Note: This guide is intended for members of the .NET product team. The community should generally not file themes, epics, or user stories as they represent our planning. However, based on your feedback we might end up creating corresponding items or just mark yours as a user story.


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